It's Football Time! 4 Vegan Tailgating Recipes to Try

It's Football Time! 4 Vegan Tailgating Recipes to Try

It's Football Time! 4 Vegan Tailgating Recipes to Try

4 Vegan Tailgating Recipes to try

It's football time! America's beloved game returns to the college ranks this evening, and the nation rejoices! After our customary slow sporting months of July and August, the fall seasons loom large. Other than the scintillating action and fervent passion shown by the fans, tailgating is perhaps the most revered tradition in American sports fandom. The downside of the tailgate, of course, is the lack of vegan options, sometimes bordering on parody. Tailgates don't have to be exclusionary to any fans, so we grabbed 4 of our favorite vegan tailgate recipes to try.

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches + Avocado Slaw

vegan pulled jackfruit sandwich If there's one constant in the South, it's the love of BBQ and college football. There's no easier way to replicate a classic than barbecued pulled jackfruit, topped with a tangy vegan slaw. Whether it be avocado or a classic coleslaw flavor, the sweet and spicy barbecue combines into a perfect cruelty free indulgence. Click here to check it out!

The Ultimate Hummus Trio

Hummus is one of the healthiest dips available. In a world of queso, heavy cream, ground beef and GMO corn, hummus stands out as one of the cleanest and diverse flavor options to bring to the party. Enjoy this hummus trio recipe, boasting three super-unique takes on the versatility of chickpeas. Enjoy it here!

Cauliflower Wings

cauliflower wings For a cruelty free alternative to a game day staple, try tossing this cauliflower wing recipe in your favorite sauce. Cauliflower and its cousin, broccoli, are two of the best flavor absorbing foods in the world. Take advantage of their natural receptiveness to flavor and choose your favorite sauce. Sauce it up by starting here!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

What's better than a healthy take on the ultimate flavor combo! Replace your Reese's with a clean, vegan alternative. This recipe is one of the most popular versions of a recipe style that's taken the vegan world by storm. Don't forget to sweeten the deal before kickoff with these decadent treats! Click here to make your own!

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