One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted

Among the earliest observations we’ve had in founding this company was the prevalence of palm oil in our cuisine. For lack of a better word, palm oil is one of the shadiest ingredients in the world, and it’s in almost everything we eat. Palm oil’s impact on the planet is threefold: it deforests some of the most important ecosystems in the world, drives precious endangered species like orangutans among others into destitution, and contributes to a workforce that borders on slave labor. We’ve decided to do what we can from day 1 to address these issues by partnering with One Tree Planted through 1% for the Planet.

One Tree Planted was founded by Matt Hill, known as their Chief Environmental Evangelist. His experience as an industry executive in sustainable packaging constantly augmented his education on the environment. He was inspired to found One Tree Planted to push back against the horrifying quantities of forests burnt and cleared daily. His initiative and disposition make One Tree Planted the perfect partner for our first run with 1% for the Planet. We intend to use our proceeds to directly improve the conditions on the ground in Indonesia and give these animals (and workers) a fighting chance.

For those reasons among others we’ve pledged to never cut corners by utilizing palm oil as an emulsifier. The cost of palm oil to our planet is far greater than any savings we may incur by using it. Much of our palm oil (known by dozens of different names to the American consumer) is farmed on plantations in the rainforests of Indonesia. More than half of our international demand is met by Indonesia, who have scorched massive swathes of Sumatra and Borneo to clear for plantations. The Sumatran Tiger and Rhino are under immense threat, while the Bornean orangutan has seen massive reduction in population.

We want to show the world what palm oil is doing to our planet, and these beautiful animals while offering a cleaner plant-based alternative to feel good about yourself and your footprint on our Earth. We are very excited to continue educating our friends and fighting to offer products that push the envelope of what clean and sustainable truly can be.

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