Planet Protein's new vegan protein powder among the best

Planet Protein's new vegan protein powder among the best

Planet Protein's new vegan protein powder among the best

Will Planet Protein's new powder change the game?


What’s a plant based protein company without a protein shake? We’ve had a wonderful time sharing our first two creations with you. Our Peanut Butter Cup and Cherry Almond Fudge bars have struck a chord with thousands, with conscious ingredients and nutrient density at the heart of what we do.

With so many options, how do you find the best protein powder for you? Planet Protein’s first blend looks to elevate your form in the space of a scoop

A Powerful Protein blend

Our powder features a three-part protein blend optimized for taste and nutrient density. A primarily pea protein blend is rounded off by sprouted quinoa and chia protein. This organic blend features a complete BCAA profile to complete its rich taste and texture.

 Your daily B12

Planet Protein’s powder will be a true one scoop solution for everybody! For our plant based customers, your daily needs for vitamin B12 will be supplemented in every serving.

Adaptogenic Reishi Mushrooms

The Chinese Mushroom of Immortality is known to aid in respiratory function, cognitive ability, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure. Our Reishi mushroom addition rests in the spirit of our powder, and is a life giving supplement for the whole body

Planet Protein’s powder is a versatile combination built to fulfill a myriad of nutrition needs. Whether as a quick protein shake or post-workout supplement, our new protein powder will take you to the next level.


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