Respiratory Health: 3 Ways to Promote Healthy Lungs

Respiratory Health: 3 Ways to Promote Healthy Lungs

Respiratory Health: 3 Ways to Promote Healthy Lungs

3 Ways to Promote Healthy Lungs

Our lungs are every bit as essential as our other organs. They deliver oxygen to the bloodstream and expel carbon dioxide, keeping our muscles healthy and assisting in the recovery from illness. Simply put, with bad lungs, more bad will inevitably follow. Thankfully there are ways we can make a difference for our lungs without even having to eat! Check out these 3 ways to promote healthy lungs.

Bring in some houseplants!

Small houseplants are very low in labor intensity. They can go seemingly ages without water, and are well worth the little effort to bring them into the home. Live houseplants remove toxins from the air, clear dust, and beautify your living space. Among the best to choose from are the snake plant, chrysanthemum, and aloe vera.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is the be all, end all to most of how our body starts and stops. Adequate hydration is absolutely necessary for blood flow, recovery, muscle contraction, and so much more. For the lungs, it in part thins the natural mucus secretions that are exacerbated when one falls is. When sick with respiratory issues, hydration is extremely important.

Wash your hands

In some cases, hand washing is a requirement. Beyond the kitchen and restroom, however we come in contact with surfaces that may have had contact thousands of strangers in a short period of time. Being mindful of daily hygiene, especially when we're not sweating, using the restroom, or eating, is a great way to build healthy habits and protect our lungs.

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