Self Love with the Sustainable CEO

Self Love with the Sustainable CEO

Self Love with the Sustainable CEO

What's good fam!

Brenden here, writing up my first blog for In the year plus that we've been online and in business I've learned so much about the relationship between our bodies, minds, and our businesses. It turns out (especially at this stage) that our own lives have so much to do with the companies we start and operate. One thing I definitely underestimated was just how close the personal lives of myself and my team are to the life of the company. Knowing this, I've had to make many changes to my personal life that reflect in the health of Planet Protein. With all I've learned and all the incredible people I've learned from, it makes sense during this Self Love February to share some of my best tips for self-love!

Tip 1: F*** the haters!

Defining who I am and understanding my journey was a huge moment in my personal and professional evolution. When we have a moment to take inventory of who's opinions of us really matter, you may be able to count that crowd on one hand. When we take a step back, we recognize how many passing opinions of us there are with either no understanding of who we are and our intentions, or at worst malice and jealousy behind what they do. If you're living your truth and know in your heart that whatever your plans are - they represent positive change in the world, the contrary opinions are based in ignorance, and nothing else.

Tip 2: Spin Positivity

We've been faced with tremendous hurtles as we develop this company, big and small, human and operational. One thing we've maintained is a consistent message behind our brand and a never-ending pursuit of the impact we're trying to make in the world. Sometimes we are forced to make bold changes in our lives, and sometimes we back into the door that will change everything. Educated optimism is more than a view on life, it's a business strategy. If I don't radiate positivity, good vibes, and consistent energy, my team will suffer.

Tip 3: Don't forget your body!

Yes, we work long, exhausting hours. We travel often, and eat on the go. When stress and depression seep into our lives, the first habits to go are usually the healthiest. It might not always be practical to spend hours each day at the gym, but even sitting in a desk for long will weaken our physical form and slow us down over time. I put such a substantial emphasis on herbs, superfoods, juicing, and more because they work. No matter what happens, listen to the aches and pains in your body. Learn from your best and worst workouts, and always remember that even when making sacrifices we can always find ways to care for ourselves.

Tip 4: Find out what works for you

While there are some accepted truths about health and human science, some of us thrive in ways others don't, and vice versa. For example, some athletes prefer a high rep, low weight routine, while others insist on piling weight and reducing reps. While there is always debate about the merits of either, what's not debatable are the sheer quantity of powerful, athletic people on both sides of the coin who swear by it. Beyond the obvious needs for sleep, good nutrition, and self-affirmation, we can dig into the nuances of what makes us tick. The better we are at self-regulation and consistent self-improvement, the faster we will be able to seize more freedom in our life and take our journey to the next level!

In conclusion...

These tips all are a part of what give me the energy to lead each day. While the concepts may never change, the execution and the methods can and will. We must always adapt to the changes in our lives both forced and unforced, and recognize what we are capable of doing in that very moment. Once we refine our focus to what we know is possible and ignore what we cannot change, we can continue to build momentum and acceptance in our lives, ultimately leading us to a happier existence with or without material wealth.

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