The Importance of Eating Non-GMO

The Importance of Eating Non-GMO

The Importance of Eating Non-GMO

The term ‘GMO’ refers to ‘Genetically Modified Organism’, or food products that have had their DNA altered through the process of genetic engineering.

While genetic mutations do occur in nature and through traditional cross-breeding practices, these changes happen gradually and without side effects. GMOs, on the other hand, involve the use of scientific techniques to significantly alter the composition of an organism.

Genetic modification has become a tool used by food industries to maximize profits by increasing their produce.

GMOs provide maximum yield, are more resistant to diseases, produce their own insecticides, and can tolerate droughts.

While genetic engineering may have started as a way to deal with agricultural challenges and feed a growing population, GMO crops have actually done more harm than good.

GMO produce is unnatural and contains toxins that are poisonous to the human body. Consuming GMO foods has been linked to cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, and organ damage. That’s right, eating GMO foods is a lot more harmful than you could possibly imagine.

While there is a difference between non-GMO and organic foods, your best bet would be to switch to an organic diet. Even non-GMO foods use certain chemicals that can harm the body, and there is no way to tell what goes into producing non-GMO products.

Organic products are grown as naturally as possible and can be easily broken down and processed by the body. Here are a few reasons to stop consuming GMOs today and switch to an organic diet.

1. Freedom From Toxins

There’s a reason why GMO foods are made to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. It’s because they are grown primarily with the help of chemical pesticides and herbicides. These chemical fertilizers are poisonous to the crop itself, and the genetic engineering helps keep the plant safe.

However, the residue of these pesticides stays on and is even absorbed by the plant, and no amount of washing can get rid of it. So every time you consume a GMO product, you’re consuming these toxic substances used to grow them.

By switching to organic foods you can avoid coming in contact with these chemicals and keep your body safe from harm.

2. Absence of Growth Hormones

GMO crops are grown with the help of certain chemicals or growth hormones which help them to sprout quickly.

These hormones, when ingested, can wreak havoc on the endocrine system, leading to irregular and erratic hormonal releases. The chemicals used to grow these crops can also lead to the development of certain bacterial strains in the body, which increases the possibility of diseases.

Grown naturally, organic produce is free from the presence of these growth hormones and hence much safer for consumption.

3. Always Fresh

GMO foods are packed with chemical preservatives to make them last unimaginably longer than their natural lifespans would allow. This makes GMO crops appear fresh even months after they have been harvested.

Organic and non-GMO plants, on the other hand, start to rot a few days after they’ve been harvested. So when you’re buying organic, you can always be sure that the food you're eating is fresh.

And remember, fresher foods are packed with nutrition which starts to progressively disappear as the days go by.

4. More Sustainable

All the chemical fertilizers and other substances used to grow GMO crops eventually seep into the soil, poisoning the soil and entering water bodies that receive agricultural runoff. So while crop rotation may happen quicker with GMO crops, the strain on resources and the environment at large is simply not feasible.

Organic crops may require more human effort to grow, but they actually help to replenish nutrients and maintain soil quality. They cause minimal strain on the environment they are grown in and are far more sustainable for regular consumption.

5. It’s Just Unnatural

If you think about it, the human body is as much a part of nature as every other living thing on this planet. So it’s only natural to assume that our systems function best when we consume foods that come directly from nature, with minimal human interference.

GMOs aren’t just toxic foods that negatively impact our health; they are an unnatural creation, set to upset the balance of the natural world as we know it.

By avoiding them and returning our focus to food that we have survived on for centuries, we can restore this balance and help make our world a healthier, happier place to live in.

So let’s play our part in the natural cycle and avoid GMO products to an extent where we can effectively stop their production. This way we can all return to consuming natural products, which is in the best interests of every individual as well as the world at large.

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