Tips for a Sustainable Autumn

Tips for a Sustainable Autumn

Tips for a Sustainable Autumn

Stay Green this Fall with these tips!

Sustainability changes with the seasons. There are tips, tricks, swaps, and gadgets for every temperature and living space. As the weather begins to cool, check out these Autumn specific tips for a healthier, greener home.

Try Canning!

Much like vinyl records, handlebar mustaches and the tambourine, canning has made its return to the hobby list of young people. Canning, pickling, and preserving fruits and veggies is one of the most cost effective and delicious ways to get the most out of your harvest. This can be especially important if you have fruit on your property that will not survive the winter.

Maintain your tires.

Cool weather lowers tire pressure, reducing fuel efficiency and vehicle safety. Anyone who has lived in a wintry environment understands the dangers of snow and ice on our roads. The few moments it takes to keep on top of tire pressure could be the difference between a cost-effective, safe car, or one that is neither.

Make your own soy candles.

We all love warm firelight, sweet smelling candles and baked goods, but did you know that most store bought candles are made from paraffin wax, or a byproduct of oil refinement? It's easier than you think to obtain the materials and make your own soy candles. These are earth friendly, affordable, and make great gifts! Click the button below to try for yourself.

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