Vegan Meat Substitutes everyone can enjoy

Vegan Meat Substitutes everyone can enjoy

Vegan Meat Substitutes everyone can enjoy

Vegan meat is a massive industry.

Even former Tyson CEO Tom Hayes said so. Vegan meat is the future, and it's growing every day. Meat substitutes are among the most important components of the vegan diet, and while not everyone enjoys them, they are a key to grow the movement. Packaged vegan meats may never have the health benefit that whole foods and fresh vegetables bring to the table, but they are an essential piece of the puzzle for many transitioning to veganism, and in that way are much like our bars. Here are some vegan meats that combine health, flavor, and texture for every palate.


tempeh vegan protein Tempeh originates from Indonesia, and is the result of fermenting soybeans through a controlled culturing process that binds it into a texturized, cake like form. Tempeh makes a phenomenal bacon substitute, and is great in stir fries, tacos, and much more. Tempeh's versatile texture brings versatility to every meal.


pulled jackfruit vegan meat Yes, ripe jackfruit is the secret behind Juicy Fruit gum, and that sweet flavor doesn't sound like it would work in a savory dish. However, the "young jackfruit" that often comes canned is the focus. This form of jackfruit is largely tasteless, but offers a texture that can easily replace shredded chicken and pulled pork found in Latin, Caribbean, and Southern BBQ dishes. Texture wise, it is one of the most nature-ready made meat substitutes. It soaks marinade and traps flavor like a sponge. Many vegan restaurants nationwide have their own take on this classic, a perfect vegan option for July 4th!


seitan vegan meat substitute Originally from China, seitan is made from a blend of wheat gluten, broth, and spices. It's commonly featured in sliced deli meat substitutes and is often at the center of the table for a vegan feast as a roast. Seitan is almost entirely made of protein, and with a little skill can be easily made at home. Seitan is a favorite of the vegan athletic community due to its straight-to-the-point high protein fix Learn more about why vegan meat is taking over. Check out our piece on animal agriculture here - READ MORE.

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