What are the benefits of pea protein?

What are the benefits of pea protein?

What are the benefits of pea protein?

Why is pea protein good for you?

pea protein benefits pea protein powder Plant based protein is one of the fastest growing food and supplement products in the world. As more information is revealed about the merits of vegan nutrition, consumers are turning towards the growing world of plant based products. Whey and casein proteins continue to rule the market, but pea protein is rapidly cementing its reputation as one of the best sources of plant protein on Earth.

Pea protein is a complete protein, with a full chain of BCAA’s.

Pea protein isolate is around 85% protein by weight, and packs a full serving of protein within 100 calories. Leucine, one of the most prized amino acids, is found in abundance through pea protein. It is also highly bioavailable, easily digested, and dense in vitamins and minerals that are not cooked out during the production process.

Pea protein is low in calories and nutrient dense.

Pea protein is filling and digests slowly. It is a very effective protein to take before bed, or to use as a meal replacement. Like many plant proteins on the market, pea protein is often found without artificial sweeteners. Vegan nutrition companies often place a greater effort into avoiding artificial flavors and added sugar. Planet Protein’s two currently stocked bars each are boosted by 100% pea protein, while our upcoming powder will be a rich combination of pea and other high quality organic plant sources. Without even accounting for the negatives of whey protein, pea protein is as effective as any protein supplement for sustained energy, muscle growth, and healthy recovery. As vegan nutrition becomes more mainstream, the visibility of pea protein has followed suit. Many professional athletes who still follow an omnivorous diet have sworn by vegan proteins. This alone is a testament to the effectiveness of plant based nutrition. For many, pea protein is the answer to the age old question: "Where do you get your protein"?

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