Wilson Chandler's Sacred Temple

For years, plant-based living was seen as a fringe community. Myth and misinformation misguided the public on the level of athletic achievement possible. In 2017, we’ve only begun to see the waves made by athletes of extraordinary strength, speed, and skill. When we learned that the NBA had a lone plant-based athlete among their ranks, we had to see for ourselves. What began was an ongoing dialogue with Denver Nuggets small forward Wilson Chandler that enlightened us as we ourselves underwent the transformation.

The timing and struggle of transition to an entirely plant-based life is often predicated on a number of life factors. When we sat down with Wilson, we were very curious as to how an NBA level player was able to adapt to veganism at the midseason point. Wilson’s biggest challenge on a midseason transition was to find options on the road. As veganism expands to smaller or initially less receptive markets, so do the available options for travelling professionals like Wilson. As he continued to endure these struggles, the knowledge gained along the way simplified his quest for on-the-road dining. Soon, Wilson was on his way to the best scoring and rebounding season of his career.

Wilson experienced a variety of injuries during his career. Upon learning of the role of acidity in many processed and animal products he turned to a plant-based diet to fight inflammation. Wilson’s change also reduced recovery times between games and extended his energy further. Along his journey Wilson grew immensely from within. His spiritual growth led him to practice yoga as a central part of his routine. Yoga and Pilates have seen a massive increase even among athletes of the most violent sports. The combination of spiritual alignment and physical discipline have become a major element in his improvement this far into his NBA career.

Veganism has grown increasingly mainstream and has thousands of myth-shattering athletes of all kinds. Planet Protein is a lifestyle company dedicated to producing the cleanest, most ethical on-the-go fuel we can. We are as proud to represent the busy mom as we are the professional athlete. Wilson’s partnership with Planet Protein is a development we are excited and proud of. The inclusion of products like ours in the NBA environment will only increase the viability of plant-based protein in the eyes of the most explosive athletes in American sport. In order to grow awareness of the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle in the basketball world, Wilson has chosen to invest in our company and join our journey for the long haul! Welcome aboard, Wilson.

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