Sustainable Decor: Beautiful, Earth Friendly Fall Tips


Decorate Sustainably with these tips!

The festive season is here! With Halloween behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the holidays. Unfortunately, when we congregate, we also waste.
Check out these 3 simple tips to decorate your space with our planet in mind!

Upcycle Items from Home

Ok, this is one of the cooler things we’ve come across ☝️ You don’t have to be as genius as these folks to find unused items at home collecting dust. It’s so much more fun to turn waste into beauty than a trip to the craft store could ever be.
Bonus points for epic creativity!

Use Washable Fabrics

This includes table settings, draperies, and any other accents around the home. In the space of a single wash, you can eliminate petroleum based plastics and otherwise short-lived decorative items that will cost you more over time anyway. A little effort now can save a whole lot later!

Use Natural Decorations!

The natural world gives us remarkable opportunity to bring its beauty into our home without wasting a thing! Whether you live in Alaska, Hawai’i, or Arkansas, our surrounding environment inspires us to decorate in a way that represents our homes. Go for a walk and see what you can find!