Vegan Thanksgiving: 3 of Our Favorites!

Try these 3 Epic ThanksLIVING Recipes!

Creamy Vegan Onion Garlic Dip

By: A Virtual Vegan

You know that French Onion Dip from the potato chip aisle? It might be one of the least healthy things in the grocery store! This delicious reboot from A Virtual Vegan is as good a substitute as we could find! It’s every bit the rich, creamy flavor with no chemicals or animal products.

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Chickpea Pumpkin Fritters

By: Healthy Happy Life

Chickpeas are one of the most deliciously versatile foods in the world. What better way to blend clean eating with festive creativity than to cook up these delicious chickpea pumpkin fritters! ThanksLIVING foods aren’t known for their crispiness, so these are perfect as appetizers or alongside the main courses.

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Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

Buttery, marshmallow-y, possibly the best part of Thanksgiving. We gotta get rid of the animal products! Luckily, there are abundant options to replace dairy and confectionery options. There are too many great versions of vegan sweet potato casserole to count, but we’re sure yours will be the perfect way to show your family you don’t need animals to eat!

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