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Life Boosting CLEAN Superfood Protein Powder

  • All-in-one protein shake made with 9 organic ingredients
  • Tastes AMAZING! Clean ingredients without added junk.
  • Sourced safe & sustainably
  • Heavy metal tested
  • no more bloating or weird aftertaste.
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Per Serving(25 servings/bag $2.88/serving)

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9 Organic Ingredients

*Orders ship this December.

Organically Grown Ingredients
Heavy Metal/ Third Party Tested
Complete Protein/ Amino Profile
NO B.S! Safe For Kids

What’s in Planet Protein?

Organic Pea Protein

Easy to digest, keeps you fuller, decreases belly fat, energizes workout, high in BCAAS, helps keep your body in muscle building state throughout day

Organic Pumpkin Protein

Assists metabolism, high in fiber, weight loss friendly, Source of magnesium

Organic Hemp Protein

Reduced inflammation, increases energy and mental acuity, repairs muscle tissue and accelerates muscle growth, regulates choleserol level, weight loss and digestion, strengthens hair and scalp

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Prevent breakdown of cells and tissues and boost regrowth, helps boost immunity, reduces anxiety, aids in digestion, lower cholesterol levels, help reduce agin skin, supports weight loss.

Organic Maca Root

High in vitamin C _ good source of iron, boosts lobido, can help balance hormones + increases fertility, boosts mood, boost athletic performance and energy levels, supports learning and memory, fights free radicals, supports cardio health by reducing blood pressure

Organic Coconut Milk

Relaxes muscle and nerves • reduces inflammation in joints • contributes to strong healthy bones • is dairy free • aids in digestion and relieves constipation • rich in magnesium • contains lauric acid, which helps fight off some viruses and bacteria

Organic Coconut Sugar

Helps to promote weight loss • monk fruit mogrosides are high in antioxidants, which protect the body from tissue damage • feeds healthy gut bacteria and promotes gut health • aids in relief from seasonal allergies • monk fruit contains vitamin C • increases heart health • adds sweetness with less calories while increasing nutrient intake

Organic Monk Fruit

Rich in fiber and phytonutrients

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

rich in antioxidants • helps Increase satiety to aid in healthy weight loss/maintenance • can help to lower blood sugar levels• adds sweetness with minimal calories • a natural anti-inflammatory food • can help increase insulin sensitivity • reduces the risk of heart disease • aids in neurological health • a natural anti-fungal

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What is Planet Protein, Inc.?

Planet Protein Inc. is an organic, plant-based nutrition company founded in April 2016 by Brenden Fitzgerald, a former USMC infantry leader and wellness enthusiast. His goal is to provide a product that fuels active lifestyles, nourishes the health of our community and supports the livelihood of our planet.

What is the shelf life of Planet Protein products?

Vanilla Magic has a 24-month shelf life.

Why are Planet Protein products gluten-free?

 While gluten may generally be harmless to most, utilizing it in our recipes is completely unnecessary.

Gluten is the protein found in cereal grains – especially wheat. It’s what gives raw dough its flexibility and tension. However, many consumers are gluten intolerant, with many more suffering from Celiac Disease, an autoimmune reaction to the consumption of gluten.

What makes planet protein different?

We don’t use fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial ingredients or “natural flavorings.” We intentionally use organic, natural and sustainably sourced ingredients from the earth to create the best-tasting, cleanest protein on the planet.

How much protein is in Vanilla Magic?

Vanilla Magic contains 20g of complete plant-based protein.

Are Planet Protein products easy to digest?

YES! Rest assured that our recipes are free of additives and fillers of any kind, which often create adverse side effects and/or allergic reactions.

Does Planet Protein products contain nuts?

All of our formulas are nut-free! However, we manufacture in a facility that does create products using nuts. We are not certified nut-free, but we do clean equipment to FDA, GMP and NSF standards prior and post manufacturing runs.

Where can I purchase Planet Protein products?

We currently ship to you directly through this website! FREE SHIPPING for all US orders over $216. Buy 3+ bags earn free shipping.

Is Planet Protein committed to the planet?

Investing in yourself creates ripple effect for us all, and the planet! We will become a healthier place to live and flourish in when we invest in our health.

What is Planet Protein’s Zero Waste Recycling Program?

 About a year into our existence, we started getting really serious about shifting Planet Protein toward a low-impact, zero-waste direction. We dug deep, learning everything we could about the packaging we use, the alternatives that were available and the challenges that face both choices. We learned that the pros of cellulose-based bioplastics were not sufficient enough to outweigh the significant cons, and in some cases were much worse than what we were using already.

Our best option was to turn to our community. We created our Zero Waste Recycling Program to close the loop on our packaging, while rewarding you for doing your part. We take your empties back, send them to specialty recyclers (they turn your empties into desks, chairs, flooring and more!), and send Planet Points your way! We’re constantly on the lookout and brainstorming new innovations for more sustainable packaging. 

Click here to start earning!

Will Planet Protein packaging change/improve in the future?

Although we’ve gone back and forth many times, we’ve decided not to use bioplastics for our packaging. Instead, we have created an internal zero-waste program where our customers send our packaging back to us. We partner with a specialty recycler that turns the packaging into desks, chairs, flooring, etc.

Is Planet Protein packaging compostable?

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find a reputable, transparent company to work with. Many backyard compostable items are sprayed with pesticides, soaked in acids, or contain other harmful chemicals. 

These chemicals are not good for human health or the planet. We would LOVE to have packaging that is backyard compostable, but we will always remain transparent to our customers and guarantee no pesticides, plastics, fungicides, herbicides, GMOs, or anything harmful in our superfood protein powders.

We are continuously on the lookout for the most sustainable packaging and open for ethical recommendations. We are currently in communication with an innovative company that is creating the most sustainable packaging on the market… but it won’t be out for a few years. Until then, we will continue to evolve and do our best while staying morally consistent as possible.

Does Planet Protein ship sustainably?

Our carbon neutral, post-consumer shipping ensures your package arrives safe and sound! We either use kraft paper boxes with eco-paper tape or post-consumer mailers. Paper inserts included in each package are post-consumer and printed with soy ink (it’s plant-based and vegan-friendly!). 

We take great pride in our eco practices, and we are constantly on the lookout for the most sustainable way to ship to you.

Are there heavy metals in Planet Protein?

The short answer is yes, but VERY little – especially compared to most protein powders on the market. Vanilla Magic is extremely low in heavy metals and undergo rigorous internal and third-party testing to measure heavy metals and ensure they’re void of the dangerous ones. 

Note that heavy metals are in everything grown in the soil. Those detected in our formulas are the metals that naturally exist in the earth’s crust, air and water. Heavy metals are typically found in foods that require a lot of water like root veggies, greens and rice. Heavy meals are unavoidable, but the body does an amazing job removing these organic forms that come from plants.

For more information, visit our Chocolate Magic and/or Vanilla Magic product page to check out our heavy metals results certificate.

How many calories are in each serving?

Four tablespoons = one scoop:
Vanilla Magic yields 120 calories per serving

How many carbohydrates are in each serving?

Four tablespoons = one scoop: Vanilla Magic contains 4g total carbs

Does Planet Protein products contain sugar?

Vanilla Magic contains 3g total sugar from organic coconut sugar, which has trace amounts of vitamin C and contains more vitamins and minerals than white sugar, including iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and copper.

Why does Planet Protein add vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is the only key vitamin required in supplement form to optimize a plant-based diet (or any diet, really). It’s important for everyone to ensure adequate B12 intake, but thanks to soil depletion and modern sanitation, it isn’t as easy as it once was to get the B12 you need.

Vanilla Magic contains 133% of the highest quality B12 available, saving you the money and the hassle of shopping for it separately.

What are “natural flavors”? Does Planet Protein use them?

No. Planet Protein is committed to innovating a full line of products without compromising to include unnatural preservatives, or bogus flavors.

Natural flavors are the concentrated derivative that lends flavor to an organic source, such as vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter. These “natural” flavors are legally permitted to encompass over 100 ingredients in a small bottle, of which ALL fall under the “natural” moniker. Ingredients could include animal products, be sourced from potential allergens, or worse, be a detriment to your long-term health.

Why doesn’t Planet Protein use palm oil?

We don’t use palm oil because we’re serious about our planet, and we will never cut corners. Palm oil is a cheap, unhealthy, highly processed oil. The palm oil industry presence is a direct affront to human rights, animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Why does Planet Protein use Himalayan pink salt?

We use a tiny pinch of salt to balance the flavor profile of our protein formulas. We looked into our options and studied the science behind the pros and cons of each variety. Himalayan pink salt is primarily sourced from the Khewra Salt Mine, a major industry in the nation of Pakistan. It is a treasured commodity and source of pride for the Pakistani people.

Himalayan pink salt is mineral dense, deriving its distinct beautiful color from these rejuvenating compounds. It is less pure sodium chloride than sea salt, and is not counted among the 90% of table salts containing microplastics!

What are reishi mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms are one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet, and a staple in the satchel of Chinese healers for thousands of years. It’s known locally as the “mushroom of immortality” for its incredible benefits on the immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol and mental stress. This is a do-it-all adaptogen that pairs perfectly with cacao and deserves its place as the star superfood of our very first vegan protein powder.

When will the Vanilla Magic ship?

Orders will ship this December! With our new "drop" style format, upon completion of this drop, sourcing, production, testing, weighing, distribution, fullfillment, and other logisitcs will be in full swing.

Because of the nature of our product, lead times are much longer. We will never sacrifice these times by using fake fillers, chemicals, added synethic flavoring, etc. Thank you for suppoting a truly CLEAN protein powder disrupting this industry. We appreciate you.

How does shipping and handling work? Shipping and handling comes from our fulfillment center, picked, labeled, and off with usps, ups, or fedex.

I recently placed an order, but it's still under “fulfillment status.” When will it ship?

Once you place an order, it’ll take between 24-48 hours to process. You will receive a post purcahse confirmation email with orrder details. If the status doesn’t update after that timeframe, our rockstar customer service team will be happy to investigate it further. It rarely happens, but some orders ship without a status update due to an unlikely system error. Experiencing a potential status issue? Please contact so we can take a peek at your order status.

My order status says delivered, but I do not receive. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your order! Please be sure to check in with your neighbors just in case it was delivered to the wrong door. If you’re unable to locate your parcel, please contact with the shipping address associated with the order so we can follow up with the carrier. Rest assured, we’ll make it our priority to ensure you receive the Magic! 

How do I apply a promo code to my order?

You’ve got a promo code – sweet! Simply add the products you’d like to order to your cart, proceed to checkout and apply the promo code in the “Add a discount code or gift card” field. Codes cannot be combined with sitewide promotions or bundles. Expired promo codes are not eligible. Sign up for emails for exclusive discounts, sales and new products. 


First time placing an order with Planet Protein? Welcome! Use code PLANET20 to save 20% on your first purchase.

How do I cancel my order? What is Planet Protein’s return policy?

We’d love for you to taste the Magic! But if you’re truly keen on canceling an order or returning a product, give us a shout. As much as we want you to love our offerings, we understand that things happen. Planet Protein has a money-back guarantee policy. However, due to being a small business, we require a restocking fee of $10 for one bag and $20 for orders of three or more bags. We do not include the shipping charge in the refund. Please reach out to support@planetprotein.comand we’ll send a return label.

How do I access my account to edit my subscription? How do I cancel my subscription?

You can login to your account any time to update your subscription and manage recurring items. Click Hereto login and manage your subscription. Having trouble accessing your account? Please contact so we can send you an "account reactivation link" ASAP!

What are Planet Points?

Our internal Zero-Waste Program is a simple way to score free bags of protein through Planet Points. Not only do you earn Planet Points when you purchase a bag of protein powder ($1 spent = 1 Planet Point), but you receive Planet Points for your eco-efforts by helping us repurpose your empty bags!