4 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Planet Protein

4 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Planet Protein

4 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Planet Protein

4 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Magic Protein

Sure, you add a scoop to your smoothies, post-workout shakes and oatmeal bowls… but what other types of foods can you boost with Planet Protein’s magical protein goodness? Check out these five uncommon (but ultra-delicious) food combinations to add more variety to your meals!

  1. Enhance your yogurt

If you love yogurt (dairy-free, of course!), but you’re not a fan of all the funky flavors, reach for the plain option. While it may taste sour on its own, adding a scoop of Chocolate Magic Superfood Protein Powder completely changes the game. Not only does this pea-based protein provide tons of extra nutrition, but it upgrades unflavored yogurt from a 5 to a 10. Stir in a scoop and top with berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds and shredded coconut.

  1. Spruce up your sammie

Why go traditional when you can go original? Instead of PB&J, try this! In a small bowl, stir a spoonful of Vanilla Magic Superfood Protein Powder into your favorite all-natural nut butter. Spread it onto two slices of sprouted bread, layer sliced bananas on one side and close it with the other! Voila, lunch.

You can also prepare something similar for breakfast. First, toast the bread. Then, spread on the magic nut butter and layer with sliced bananas, chopped dates, hemp seeds and cinnamon. This open-faced loaded superfood breakfast toast is a must-try.

  1. Upgrade your granola

Whip out your favorite granola recipe. Prepare it according to the directions, but before you bake – go ahead and add a li’l extra somethin’ somethin’. Scoop some Vanilla Magic or Chocolate Magic (or a blend of both!) into the mix for added flavor and additional beneficial ingredients. Bake and serve with smoothie bowls, coconut yogurt and nice cream.

  1. Dazzle up your dips

Sweet, plant-based cream cheese dips are great for pairing with sliced fruit and even celery sticks. Whether you make your own nut-based version at home (raw cashew cream cheese… yummm) or purchase a ready-made container from the store, you’re going to have to add something to it to give it a touch of sweetness. Instead of sugar, add a scoop of Vanilla Magic! It’s sweetened with organic coconut sugar and monk fruit. Plus, it has a hint of cinnamon for some extra flavorful flare. Enjoy as is, or mash in fresh blueberries for a fancy finish.


By Elyssa Eaton

Elyssa Eaton is a plant-based health and wellness enthusiast, and 200-hour registered yoga teacher, who spends most of her time slicing, dicing, blending and munching on colorful fruits and veggies. Inspired by a zero-waste lifestyle, Elyssa is often found out and about with a mason jar, glass straw and bamboo utensils in tow. If you’re into smoothie bowls and rainbow salads, check her out on Instagram @elyssaeatonfresh.